papermanBBC News (UK Edition) has published a thought-provoking article titled “What will newspapers look like in 20 years?“, on the back of The Guardian’s decision to switch from ‘broadsheet’ format to a more compact, practical ‘berliner’ style.
10 years ago predictions were rife that the newspaper’s days were numbered, based on the increased popularity of the internet and television media. Papers continue to circulate, but sales figures are dropping, especially in 1st world markets.
20 years on is a scary proposition. At the rate our world advances today, it’s likely the changes in store regarding the ways and means of communicating and disseminating information are beyond comprehension or imagination. One is inclined to conjure up images of the ‘moving picture and content’-type newspapers found only in Harry Potter novels, or Steven Spielberg’s interpretation in the sci-fi Minority Report, if one believes newspapers will continue to exist at all.
It got me thinking about other ‘institutional’ stalwarts we might see disappear in the next 20 years. I’ve listed one or two I would expect to have vanished by 2025 – what do you think?

1. Petrol-driven motor vehicles
2. Specialist bakeries, butcheries and grocery stores
3. Cricket umpires 🙂
4. Cash! (bank notes and coins)
5. Traditional landline telephones
6. Radios (maybe a bit ambitious)

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