Millennial kidsLast week I had 2 Millennium generational (Gen Y) encounters.
The first one was while visiting a client. A very progressive company with a young dynamic staff. Anyone would give their eye teeth to work in a company like this. When I asked what one issue would they say is the most prominent…..she answered Generations! I presumed between Boomers and Gen X’s, BUT no the company only has a hand full of boomers. The issues are between Xer’s and Millennial generations.
The “what ever� attitude of the Xers are getting fed up(already) with the socially aware, conservation caring, confident millennials that are now part of their staff.

My second encounter was sitting in a cell phone shop, waiting to be served. Two young about 14 years old girls, dressed in the height of fashion, even if very unsuitable to their body shape, walked in, as if they belonged.. While waiting one asked the other the time, she looks at her very big trendy pink watch, and says “I don’t know� the friend then holds her arm and tried to work out the time – “Oh man� she says, opens her bag, pulls out her cell phone, reads the time and tells her mate.
I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.
Sad because basics like reading a watch face proved a hurdle their education hadn’t helped them with, or laugh and accept that because of technology, they don’t need to!
What ever your feelings on the watch issue, Millennials are starting to enter the real world, they are not just in our homes – but they are in the Malls and emerging into the work place – The New Kids On The Block Have Arrived, are you ready for them?

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