Work life balanceThe other day someone commented that they were worried about me because all I seem to do is work. I don’t see it like that at all. I think I do understand the concept and have a definite control over what I do . I do work from a virtual office and maybe that does change the hours that I work compared to others. The stage of life that I am in allows me different options that others may not have at present.
That got me thinking………
How do we define Work Life balance today?

Does it matter what stage of life you are in?
Do different profiles see this in the same light?
What are the gender issues here especially around parenting ?
Do each of us need to define this for ourselves and continue to re assess it ?
What can we put in place in our lives to make sure that we know when we are heading for a wobble?
So many questions! Would love some answers. I know for me this is an ongoing challenge. I am determined to continue to address the issue to make sure I stay here, sane, happy and of use to myself and those around me.

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