New orleans pumpingToday, the pumps in New Orleans started up again. The levees are being repaired, and the USA can start pumping the water out of the 60% of New Orleans that is still under 3 to 6 feet of water. The 10,000 odd people who are refusing to leave the city are being warned about the toxic water that surrounds them. The sewers have essentially emptied into the water. Petrol (Gas) stations, and the oil and petrol in multiple abandoned cars, and chemicals in people’s sheds have all spilled into the water. Dead bodies, some human and hundreds of animals lie bloated on islands or float in the water – and that’s just what can be seen. Who knows what lies waiting when houses and buildings are opened.
But now the authorities must pump this water out of New Orleans. To where? Into surrounding lakes, and into the Gulf of Mexico! This is one of the greatest ecological disasters in history in the making!! And the ever-environmentally conscious US administration’s response: “one problem at a time, please.” Read a Reuters briefing on this.
And thus the accelerated unravelling of Uncle Sam.

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