GeraniumSo here I am in Hawaii with my head having just arrived in Atlanta. It still has about a 9 hour trip to catch-up with the rest of me. Added trouble is that I picked-up a nasty flu type bug as I was leaving SA and which then decided to make my head its home – I guess it recognised the uncrowded environment and knew a good thing when it saw it. Now I know the logic you working on is: How can my head be in Atlanta when here I am in Hawaii with a bug which just so happens to be in my head? Yes it is perplexing but such is paradox and I will leave it there for your further exploration. Any answers would be appreciated.
But let me get to the point.

Noticing my poorly condition (a head that is alien and mine somewhere 9 hours away) a kindly East West facility member offers me some remedy. At this point I’m ready for anything including fried green frogs on toast. “Here” says the kindly humanitarian, “take this traditional plant (Pelargonium sidoides – for the uninformed…a geranium) medicine from the Zulu tradition and which is unique to South Africa”. Well hold me down you Zulu warrior! Here I am in Hawaii taking a Zulu remedy for my headless condition nogal. On the box it states, ‘new to the USA’ and for the record it is called, ‘Umcka’ – which I must admit sounds more like the make of a small Eastern European automobile.
But there you have it.
Of course the other dilemma was under which tag to submit this blog. I mean any one of ‘Ripping & Burning’; ‘The Quick & the Dead’ and even the ‘Connection economy’ would have worked. In the end I opted for the safer, ‘Wellness’ option…well here’s hoping anyway!

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