Group huddleThis evening marked the first of what I hope will be many insightful, interactive “real people” meetings for what has become known as the Talent Community.
Much has been said and done electronically leading up to this point, as the Talent Community has provided an accessible, interactive format for people interested in developing a relationship with the network. However, the next, and most natural step was to connect face to face to integrate a human element into an already flourishing virtual community. Primi Piatti (The Zone, Rosebank) was our venue for the evening…

We began with a few introductions, a couple of drinks (which included a gargantuan-sized Milo) and progressed to some more intensive discussion around the potential of the Talent Community, where we imagine it going and what we’d all like to get out of it. It was good to hear voices from all walks of life and diverse frames of reference. one thing in common – we don’t believe we have to work the way we always have. We want something bigger and better. Something of meaning. In short, I believe we’re all looking for significance.
We touched on the power of Social Network Analysis, the dream of a University and Blogging and Wiki media.
Watch this space – more on the Talent Community to come soon!

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