Vikas Kumar, in The Economic Times, has written an excellent article on talented employees. Read it here.
A few quotes:

  • instead of you choosing your employee – and this one’s going to be pretty hard for most HR heads and CEOs to swallow – the brightest get to choose, or reject you.
  • Welcome to the world of employer branding, the intersection of the principles of marketing and brand building and the rigour of HR practices.
  • Our relationships with past employees are important, and they’re our brand ambassadors.
  • Building a powerful employer brand calls for more than just aggressive hiring practices, and companies are yet to realise the full potential of the concept.
  • Though he sees it as an HR initiative, Ramkumar believes that the job of articulating the brand positioning should be seen as a top management job. Hence the CEO’s involvement is critical.
  • The war for talent is no longer limited to the most senior people in the organisation. It’s about getting people at all levels, and providing them with the best opportunities.

The article includes many examples from what companies are actually doing. Good stuff here.

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