The Newsweek of 11 July 2005, carried a multiple page on Africa (read it here). It is fairly upbeat, arguing that Africa cannot wait for foreign assistance or aid, but needs to sort its own house out. It goes on to point out that money countries are doing this now. More than half have democtratic governments. Most have positive GDP growth, many of them higher than the global average of 4.3 (Angola currently tops the list at 14%).

South Africa is the powerhouse, with just nearly half of all economic activity happening in the world’s 23rd largest national economy. But, its going to take a decade or so more to really get the benefit, and there are many things that could still trip Africa up.

Its great to see Tony Blair leading the G8-way to putting Africa on the global agenda. But you have to get that past George Bush, who famously said, “Africa is a country with lots of problems” at a UN speech.

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