headphones Ok, so this is not the first time we’ve mentioned iPod’s on this blog. It also won’t be the last. I want to refer back to two previous posts, Graeme’s Could 16 million iPod users be wrong? and my CGM: Consumer-Generated Media.
It is no secret that Apple “get it”. Pete Blackshaw recently posted an article talking about Apple’s global cult following and how it represents a unique product that has not only benefitted from consumer-generated media in it’s phenomenal rise to stardom (the iPod has become a representative icon of today’s youth), but has now become an entirely new form of consumer-generated media in the form of mainstream PodCasting.
Exquisite, minimalistic design. A user-friendly interface. I doubt Apple will follow suit with cellphone/PDA manufacturers and try and add functionality (email, calender, whatever…) to the iPod. The iPod will remain the market leader, because it is a status symbol.

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