mycYou remember Barrie’s The Oracle of Kevin Bacon post? So just how prevalent is social networking in South Africa? (with a truly South African flavour, that is). Yahoo! Groups is a facility that some of us use, and we’re becoming pretty au fait with Skype and other IM tools, blogging is gaining momentum but is there an offering that is inclusive of all these elements? A one-stop platform for social networking?
It turns out there is…

Enter There are a number of reasons I like this site. I was invited by an old school friend a while back, but having been fairly busy have not had enough time to play around with it. Little did I know that MyCircle was a little closer to home than I originally anticipated – it turns out it was conceived, designed and is being run by other friends from school!
MyCircle combines the theories of degrees of seperation in a social, informal environment that allows for group interaction and discussion by members. It has a section for classifieds, events and SIG’s, and altogether is a clean, functional environment.
Some reasons why I think MyCircle is something to watch:
– Nobody else is doing it
– It is the brain-child of some seriously Bright Young Things (I know this because we passed Science together. Barely.)
– It is developed through global collaboration – of the three guys who started the site, only one actually stays in SA
– Along with Charlize and the Crazy Monkey team, it’s another awesome thing to come out of Benoni
So hop online, login, experiment and let me know what you think. Help some young entrepreneurs gain momentum…

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