anxious youthThis article was in this weekend’s Sunday Times about the challenges facing Gen Xers in the UK and how it is influencing their working choices. Not quite what they had planned….,,2087-1743391,00.html

A report due to be released this week in the UK on the younger generation has come up with a new name for the Gen Xers. The iPod Generation. Not hip, gadgety and technically advanced, but “Insecure, Pressured, Over-taxed and Debt-ridden�.
The results of the report challenges the notion that the X generation is more risk taking and confident, with Britain lagging behind countries such as America, Australia and Ireland in terms of entrepreneurship. Britain’s social policies are largely blamed for this phenomenon as the aging population transfers a higher financial burden on the younger generation through higher taxation than previous generations.
The report also challenges the government’s push for higher tertiary education levels with extra lifetime earnings for graduates proving to be substantially lower than anticipated and the burden of student loans driving graduates into more secure “lifetime� jobs rather than their chosen field of study.

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