I’m heading to China next Saturday (27 Aug) for 10 days. My Dad is going there on a geological research trip and I offered to carry his luggage – and he agreed. Hooray! I’ve wanted to go to China for a few years now and especially would like to be there for the 2008 Olympics – yet it’s happening now. We’re going to Heilongjiang which is the northern-most Chinese province, the capital of which is Harbin (the “Ice City”) where they have the massive ice sculptures in January that sometimes make it onto our news. Our destination is just north of Mudanjiang – a city of 1/2 a million people.
The question is – how can this benefit TomorrowToday.biz?

After all, we offer a detailed introduction to the Chinese business mind called “Doing business the Chinese way” run by Eric Hanson. In August’s articles Eric wrote about the growing interdependence between the American and Chinese economies and how savvy business leaders will understand the way Chinese culture affects business. He concludes:

The call is for business owners and high level executives to re-think their position on what constitutes cross-cultural leadership. High emotional intelligence is required when working with the Chinese. A deep study of the culture and optimistic, yet thoughtful responses to the business climate in China are needed to insure the foreigner success in China. A savvy response from foreign business leaders, not hasty approaches and ill-informed opinions will best help the foreign business-person in China.

So I’d like to ask for any advice from the wider TomorrowToday community. Firstly, any cultural cues would be welcome. Secondly, given that we have something to offer, how am I able to make contact with the right people (specifically in Beijing) to talk to them about us? What sort of Chinese businessman would be enthralled with the prospect of a Buhle coming to help him understand the generations or a Keith talking about Savvy Leadership – and where do I find him? We also offer GamePlan2010 – a package designed to help people think through the implications of the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa. Beijing is hosting the 2008 Olympics – does any of our thinking apply to them?
All advice welcome!

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