Coffee shopLate last week, Roger Saner (our web uber-maester) and myself were meeting at a Coffee Shop to work through some web design issues. As we sat there, a woman who was meeting with a friend came over to us and said she was doing a feature on “The Third Space” – people who did work in coffee shops (not at home, or at an office), and asked us a few questions about what we were doing and why here, etc.
We have some experience in coffee shop culture – most people in TomorrowToday know which shops at every airport and in most shopping centres provide support for workers like ourselves. Click here to see one of Barrie’s experiences a few months ago.
I gave her my card, and it turns out she’s in the middle of reading my book, and wanted me to give her a more formal quote on the coffee shop culture we work in. If you’re interested, here is what I sent her.

With the growing number of people who consider themselves to be knowledge workers, self-employed, home-based and/or independent contractors (even if they are employed) it is no surprise that new working spaces are emerging. Homes are a common working place now, even for people employed at corporates, but homes are not always good places to focus or to meet with clients and associates. Coffee shops have increasingly become meeting places – not just for friends and casual conversation, but also for important business consultations. Many provide support for the mobile office, including providing power supplies for laptops, hotspot internet access and larger tables to accommodate papers, laptops and a latte mug all at the same time.

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