TrafficThe more business blogs I read, whether they are actual business blogs or sites about corporate blogging, the more I realise that corporates who embrace blogging are faced with a difficult challenge; guidelines vs. traffic. It’s rare to find both hand in hand.
Blogspotting comments on the fact that Intel bloggers are busy working on policies/guidelines/rules (all the same) for their sites. Who want to read blogs that are regulated?
This is an ongoing theme for blog publishers, personal and corporate, regardless of the blog’s application. Openness, transparency, vulnerability all generate TRAFFIC, but at great risk. You can implement guidelines and manage the risk, only to watch the readership dwindle. People want action!
Blogs, whether internal or external, should foster a culture of honesty and transparency, but most of all, vulnerability. The question is not whether or not to regulate blogs, it’s whether or not to make your blog public.
Your views?

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