fedexThanks to Steve Rubel for an awesome link.
The FedEx Furniture dot com guy (Jose) loves FedEx. So much so, that his entire apartment is furnished with FedEx packaging. He raves about it online and has an eclectic readership who are fascinated by his obsession.
As FedEx, how would you choose to respond to Jose? Include him in your marketing campaign? Fly him to HQ for a lunch with the CEO? Link to the blog from your website?
Apparently not…

Not long after Jose started up his blog he received a cease and desist letter (I kid you not) asking him to, well, cease and desist his “confusing” web antics. (Reminds me of the SABMiller / Laugh It Off case).
The result? FedEx are the laughing stock of the marketing community, at the short end of a very angry blogosphere stick and now dealing with a potentially ugly situation.
How do you go from Citizen Marketing opportunity to Ugly Situation so quickly? Well, someone blogged about it…

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