We all hate spam (except for the Monty Python “Spam” skit but that was, well, completely different. What I’m talking about is “Double the size of your pickle! Buy pharmacy products! Free OEM software!”). And there’s been very little way to fight back…until now! (cue big cinema music). The Blue Frogs are pioneering a way to stop spammers – by shutting down their websites if they don’t stop sending spam.

How it works: you register at the Blue Frog website, download their application which then detects when you’re being spammed. You complain about the spam to Blue Frog and they send a message to the spammer to stop. If the spammer doesn’t stop, then every Blue Frog member who complained sends a message to the spammer. For example, a few domains listed on the Community Statistics Page have received almost 200,000 requests to stop.
In internet security terms this is very similar to a distributed Denial-of-service attack – or distributed mail-bombing. It basically disables the spammer’s site – most of the messages are sent in a few hours. A few spammer domains have already been shut down.
The goal is to create a list of people (the “Do Not Intrude Registry”) who don’t want to be spammed and enforcing their desire to not be spammed by shutting down said spammers site. Mwahahaaa! The little people strike back!
I don’t know about you, but I’m in. Here’s the blurb I got from the site:

I’ve registered with Blue Security’s Do Not Intrude Registry anti-spam service and highly recommend that you sign up, too.
The Do Not Intrude Registry lets you take control of the spam messages you receive and allows you to reclaim your email experience. Not only will you receive much less spam, you will also be able to actively help eliminate spam by deterring spammers from sending unsolicited bulk mail.
You may register up to three private email accounts in the Do Not Intrude Registry. The service is free, Sign up now and you’ll never have to pay for Blue Security’s anti-spam service!
Stop filtering spam, Start deterring spammers – Sign up with the Do Not Intrude Registry

Check out the cool tutorial (with the Blue Frog and the Martian Fly Spammer) that explains how it works.

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