Emergency onlySo you’re involved in an accident. The paramedics arrive. You’re unconscious, but there’s a cell phone in your pocket/bag. Who do they phone to work out who you are, or who needs to be notified? That’s the idea behind the In Case of Emergency (ICE) campaign. Prompted by the London bombing it’s being promoted by emergency services in the UK, and has an e-mail now doing it’s rounds to drive us all crazy. (click here for story on BBC) or (here for Google search results).
The idea is simple really. Create an entry in your mobile phone address book under ICE with the number of the person you’d like called should you be found with your phone and unable to communicate to your rescuers. If you’ve got more than one person simply have an ICE 1, ICE 2, etc, etc. Although I can’t imagine an emergency worker standing over you phoning your entire list while you need some serious assistance?

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