Laptop bedI picked up a kewl post on CherryFlava today (click here) about Blogging becoming a paid career opportunity in some companies on the globe.(click here for full article at
Companies employing bloggers are seeing it as an opportunity to use a conversational style mechanism to connect with their clients. Says Gary Hirshberg, “With the blogs, we are giving a little bit more access to us as a people with a mission.”

Certainly the dangers are massive, for both blogging and the companies concerned. One hopes that blogging is developed and entrenched enough to withstand an assault from corporates looking to exploit another ‘open source’ medium? But the market is powerful and I have a feeling it will be the corporates who do it badly that will, in the end, feel the pain. “Don’t go toward fake blogs. Don’t launch character blogs. Use a blog for what it’s for, transparency,” said Steve Rubel, vice president of client services at CooperKatz & Co., a New York PR firm.

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