busyDarren Rowse, author of the extremely popular Problogger site writes an article (which refers to another article!) about the multi-faceted life of a professional blogger. However, I feel the language being spoken in this exchange is representative of that being spoken by emerging Bright Young Things worldwide who are finding the only way to satisfy their diverse talents, skills and abilities is in the shape of a “Me, Inc.”.

To quote from the original article:
“My real secret is that my dream job isn’t just one job. Currently, I hold the following “positionsâ€? at “Jeremy Wright, Inc.â€?:
1. Blogger
2. Consultant
3. Author
4. Courseware developer
5. Speaker / Trainer
6. Writer
And I do these in areas such as time management, personal finance, blogging, communications, marketing and technology.
I’d add to the list of jobs that I’m increasingly finding myself doing things like:
* Accounting/Bookkeeping
* Marketing
* Sales
* Public Relations
In a sense being a sole trader blogger is like any other small business where you end up doing any and every aspect of your business. At times this can be incredibly stretching – at other times its tempting to ignore the parts you don’t naturally gravitate towards – but overall I’m finding it to be a rich experience and one that I hope is adding to what I have to offer in future ventures (blogging and otherwise).”
Check out some of the interesting comments revolving around the dynamics of a sole trader growing to capacity and needing to employ staff… interesting dilemma for the “Me, Inc.”‘s. – how are Bright Young Things going to cope when their “Me, Inc.” becomes “Us, Inc.”. When venture becomes company, what new challenges are introduced?
Has TT.biz experienced some of these challenges?

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