BATGOnce again I have been pulled out of bed by the inspirations of a book that is grabbing me. I’ve only just begun reading Barbarians at the Gate (buy it at or via a recommendation from a corporate advisor regarding a cross-section of what LBO’s (Leveraged Buy-Outs) are about. This book chronicles the momentous events that took place in late 1988 during the $25 billion take-over of RJR Nabisco – the quintessential American company that became a symbol of the greed and power-mongering of the “Roaring Eightiesâ€?.
Already there are a few thoughts I’d like to share with you but I cannot wait until I finish reading the book before I blog them in a book summary/review. So what I’ll attempt to do is blog my journey through the book real-time in the form of comments to this entry. (if you do not have a RSS feeder) has a funky new feature whereby you can subscribe via email to comments made to entries – just tick the box below the comments box. As I get pulled out of bed I’ll post new comments which you can receive if you so wish.
Let our journey begin …

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