Take me with you – by Brad Newsham. Read it! (Buy it at Amazon.com or Kalahari.net) This book review might seem a bit out of “left field” … because it’s got nothing to do with business, corporate policy or anything remotely related … it’s a travel book.
Book coverAh, but it’s a travel book with a difference. Let me tell you why.
1) Brad is on a 100 day trip … to find a stranger to invite him back to America.
2) He really does take you with him! (This is not just “armchair travel”.)
But what made me realise just how incredibly unique this book is …. I emailed Brad (he has a website: www.bradnewsham.com) … and he emailed me back. And it wasn’t just some standard template email … it was personal. We connected.
To me he is really an author that is fully emersed in the connection economy. That struck as something pretty special!
PS. If you can – find the Random House version of the book – it is the most recently published version and has a few extra’s which are well worth reading.

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