HaircutA blog entry like this takes courage. So I’m hoping that your recognition of that fact will go a long way to lessen the humiliation you are going to be tempted to put me through. While this entry may appear to be dealing directly with my vanity, it’s a more serious comment on connectivity in business.
I currently have a dude that ‘does’ my hair. By that I mean consults on what it should look like, and then delivers on the design. It’s been a long relationship. Several years and equally as many salons. You see he’s a bit of a ‘drifter’. Doesn’t last long in any one place. He’s usually forced to leave. Either by those he works with, or his own drive and picture for his career. It’s played havoc on me.

I’m one of those people who believe hair is mostly there for practical reasons. Give me a shaver any day of the week. Ultra-short and practical is my default approach to hair. My wife feels differently about hair, and she’s the one that got me going to Grant in the first place. And I liked him from the first time I went to him. He sat me down, tried to understand who I was, what I did, who I was married to, and then suggested a ‘look’. And he deals with me like that every time I go to him. Sits me down, askes what’s happening and then gets to work on the design. I usually veto it for the last look, but I apreciate that he doesn’t just send me through to the washer, and then do what he does with each guy that comes in. He may in fact do that, but he doesn’t let on.
But now I’m moving town. 600km away.
And I’m a little lost. How do I replace Grant? In my mind he’s become an extention of what I do. He’s a partner in the Business of Barrie Inc. He’s responsable for how I feel about my head, and my head plays a large role in how I feel about who I am.
How do I go about interviewing a new person? I feel like that’s what I need to do. But what is anyone going to think when I phone up and ask if I can have some time with their people so I can interview them in order to find a suitable replacement for Grant? I’m fairly sure they’ll laugh in my face just before they put the phone down.
And that’s a great place to be if you’re Grant. He’s managed to do what every company in a connected world wishes it could do with it’s clients. Build such strong connections that they’ll never want to move. And not because the price is right, or because there’s nobody else. They don’t want to move because the client feels that the company offering the service is an extention of who they are.
So if you know anyone in Jozi who does hair, and would be prepared to be interviewed, please pass me their details. I’m looking.

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