Benoni. My hometown. Not much to say about Benoni. But despite the stigma attached to it, this enigmatic little city keeps producing exceptional people. Charlize Theron, um… Ok, so Charlize Theron is the only exceptional human being to have originated from Ben-One-Eye, but that is all about to change… monkey

First there was Jackass, a bunch of guys who made zillions of dollars playing pranks, wreaking havoc, pulling of stunts and grossing people out. It made for great television, revolutionised MTV and culminated in a feature production Jackass: The Movie.
Now Crazy Monkey is something different altogther. These four guys from Benoni (naturally) picked up a home video camera one day with the intention of making some funny video skits mocking extreme culture (like Jackass), for the hell of it. They cam up with skits like, “Driving Without a Seatbelt”, “Jumping in the Bed” and “Drinking Orange Juice After Brushing Your Teeth”. When they looked at what they’d done, it was funny, and so they showed it to a few friends. The freinds thought it was funny, and suggested they submit the “spots” to MTV. MTV loved them.
A few months, hundreds of video spots, trips overseas and a feature film contract later, the Crazy Monkey gang find themselves getting ready for the release of their MTV produced film. And they are smiling all the way to the bank.
Who says there aren’t new ways to make make money?
The interesting thing, for me, is the cult status these guys have achieved amongst tweenies (pre- to early teenagers). Tweens and Teens like role models, brands, companies, whatever that can laugh at themselves – that take nothing too seriously. Look at the current Fanta “The Fun will find You” ads. Boomers like my old man just don’t understand what is funny or appealing about them, or what looking up a girl’s skirt could possibly have to do with drinking fizzy cooldrink.
Other brands are quickly waking up to this too, and “older” brands that have enjoyed cult status (Levi’s, Nike, Pepsi) for many years through sports sponsorships and other old-school marketing methods just are not reaching today’s up and coming consumers.

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