Live the DreamWhat did you want to be when you were a child? What profession was it that kept you day-dreaming out of the window in class instead of focussing on what the teacher was saying?
Are you now Living the Dream?
2,000 employees have been surveyed by Creative & Cultural Skills in the UK on just this issue (see article online here). Only 11% of employees have achieved the career ambitions they had as children. 25% never pursued their dreams because they thought it was unrealistic…
…and that’s a bit sad, really, because it seems to me that at least 5 of the top 10 jobs that kids aspire to are not that unrealistic at all:

1. Doctor or Nurse
2. Vet
3. Footballer
4. Teacher
5. Actor
6. Writer
7. Dancer
8. Pilot
9. Pop Star
10. Astronaut
Interestingly, the ‘caring professions’ and creativity remain high as motivational dreams into adulthood, as the adult Top Ten goes to show:
1. Writer
2. Teacher
3. Landscape Gardener
4. Paramedic
5. Photographer
6. Police Officer
7. Physiotherapist
8. Movie Director
9. Restaurant Owner
10. Musician
Those conducting the survey reckon that the key word in adult aspirations is “creativity�. 51% described their childhood dream as “creative� but only 41% consider their own jobs to be “creative�.
And here comes the crunch statistic: 65% want to be more creative in their work but 61% think their bosses are unaware of their creative talents! That is a damning indictment of employers in the emerging Connection Economy. There is a pool of talent in every workplace itching to be used creatively and innovatively. Make Way for TomorrowToday…!

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