The HoffI don’t know where they come from? I don’t know who they are? But somewhere out there, somewhere in the dark spaces of our world, live the Hof people. I get mail from them, and I’ve sent enough of it on, for others to believe that I’ve wandered across to the other side. I have a Hof calendar. I have Hof pictures. I’ve made a paper hofplane. I even have a Hof ring tone. And today, the thing that’s put me over the edge, the reason I’m writting this particular blog is that I got to play Space Hofvaders. You don’t believe me? Check this out (click here)
I’m talking about David Hasselhof. Knight Rider. Mitch on Baywatch. Really bad singer. The dude is alive. He has had a re-birth of note.
Long live the Hof!
Enhof Sed!

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