Ashoka FellowI have been privileged in the last 2 weeks to attend two functions that have pulled at my hearts strings. First a function at GIBS where a group of interested social entrepreneurs came together to listen to the stories of two great people. The second fuction was the induction of new Ashoka members. My favourite definition of a social entrepreneur is A PERSON WHO IS PASSIONATE ABOUT CHANGE TO THE SOCIAL STRUCTURE AND MONEY IS NOT THEIR DRIVING OBJECT. What makes these people do what they do against the tide and great odds. Some leave behind careers with promise. All are great leaders and have heart space that makes the room feel their passion. What we would do for more leaders like this in the business world.They are innovative and not scared to stand on their beliefs.
The sadness for me is that for us as South Africans these stories do not make the media and very few people are even aware of these people.

Jackie Maarohanye from Ithuteng Trust is stopping crime before it starts by identifying children who are at risk of becoming criminals, showing them where their current path leads, and giving the the choices and support they need to reform themselves. Through a unique mixture of patience, tough love and understanding, Mama Jackie has helped more than 2000 youth turn their lives around and get on a path of achievment. click here for info.
Trevor Mulaudzi from The Clean Shop works with students, teachers and parents to create sustainably clean schools in South Africa. He is known as “MR SHIT”- and has his audience in tears of laughter and pain as he tells his story about what is driving his passion. click here for info.
Ashoka is an international organisation that works and supports Social Entrepreneurs who have innovative new ideas.

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