Social Network AnalysisOver the past few months, I have been scracthing my head about this “connection economy” thing. Philosophically and intellectually, I understand it, and it makes perfect sense to me that we are transitioning to this new era. As I read some very clever economists, I am even beginning to think that the underlying economics of supply and demand that have dominated our thinking in the “modern” era (since Adam Smith) may be mutating to something else. The physics of the universe are – with the introduction of quantum understanding. And history shows that when science changes (our understanding of the structure of the universe), it affects our institutions, our philosophies, our economics.
So much I’m certain of.
But what tools are then to be used to work within this connection economy? That question is exercising my mind at the moment.

One answer seems to be social network analysis (SNA). Eric Hanson and Barrie Bramley are currently working on this, and will start making comments and inputs as the year rolls on. Watch this space. If you would like to chat to them about doing SNA for your company, send an email to Barrie.
For now, if you’re interested, you can check out some writings about SNA:

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