DifferenceMore blasts today in London. I was on a plane while it was happening. I was reading a Newsweek article on the 4 bombers from last week. As I read I wondered about their families and how life for them would be here on out? Not only being the parents of these 4, but being different in England. The article I was reading addressed difference in London praising it for how diverse it had become. Even possibly suggesting there was no more diverse city on the planet.
And as I drove home and heard of todays bombings, I wondered how long diversity could hold out against this? One of the problems with difference is that we seem to be programmed to be suspicious of people who are different from us. We’re un-easy, not-comfortable, on-edge. The British national culture seems to be one of not being scared off by these bombings. Get up and get out there to show them that they can’t disrupt what is British.
And as I drove I continued to wonder how long before the the great diverse London became disrupted? How long before people stopped looking beyond difference and began to use difference as an excuse to marginalise, hate, separate, judge, etc.
My hopes and prayers are with those in London as they continue to live for difference.

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