A recent discussion has led me to question … what is the “connection economy”? We all use the phrase and I’m just wondering – are we all on the same page?
I found a article which said the following about the “connection economy” : it also encompasses the increased connectivity being embedded into products, into business and economic relationships between companies, and into the informal and social connections between people. (www.open-mag.com – The Connection Economy by Geoff Cohen.)
Connection Economy
When I think of “connection economy” the following springs to mind:
* People
* No geographical boundaries/impediments
* Technology
* Communication
* Networks (as in people networking)
* Business/Financial/Wealth Creation.
The word “economy” doesn’t necessary have to be limited to it’s “financial” sense (see www.dictionary.com for a wide array of definitions) – but if we cast the net wider where do we draw the line? Or is there actually any need for a “line” at all?
So – what does the “connection economy” mean to you?

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