The Apprentice merchandiseThe nature of blogging has been a contentious issue on Graeme, Barrie and Roger have now begun to offer their services as blog consultants. Kudos to them for doing this, but my prayers are with them as well …
We (Mike + me) have successfully launched our company’s corporate blog (Earth on the move) and if you have the time, you’ll see that our blog has opened up conversation that has brought our leadership into question … and given them opportunity to respond. They have done this with guts – respect to them for not firing us!

Fire us? What the …? Well, yes it is now happening! Employees are being fired for expresseing their feelings/rants about their companies on their blogs (aka disparagement)! This gets me going (grinds my turkey, pisses on my battery). How can you fire employees for thinking and being brave enough to open contentious issues for discussion. I suppose it buys into the fear/anxiety/threat many corporate bosses express when dealing with blogs (check this article out).
Blogs open up information, they expose great ideas and allow them to be communicated. Why the hell do these bosses not see the value in this? i.e. if you want to connect with your employees, and actually care about what ideas they may have … listen to them on blogs. But not to worry “our greatest assest is our people!”
I’m grateful that I work for a Co. that pays me to think … to think independantly … and to share my thinking with the powers-that-be. Connection Failure = firing your employees for disparagement!
PS: Whoever said Companies were untouchables?

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