Google alertsGreat blog thread yesterday (Click Here) that happened really quickly and was great to watch. Somewhere near the bottom Ray dropped in a comment about the CIA (or whoever monitors the internet for the US Government) possibly picking up the thread and now anyone involved would never make it onto US soil again. Look he was overstating the case because what was said wasn’t extreme enough to cause that sort of response. But he still made an interesting point. We monitor certain phrases using Google Alerts so why wouldn’t the governments of the world be monitoring us (or any other individual for that matter – including you) And with this in mind, this morning I found myself changing what I wrote to a colleague in a text message as he was arriving in London on route to Wales

I started with ‘Hope you had a good trip. Enjoy Wales.’ And was going to end with ‘knock em dead at the conference’ and was suddenly worried (probably way too paranoid) that this might be detrimental to him going through security if the text message was in some way monitored. I then decided to change what I was writting to ‘Blow them away.’ No couldn’t do that either. I think I ended with ‘Have fun.’ What were simply figures of speech on Monday, felt destructive and nasty on Sunday.
I resented feeling the way I did. Guilty and second guessing myself for using previously harmless phrases in a world that again has been harmed.
Nuf Sed

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