has launched a new service to help our customers get up to speed with blogs. Barrie Bramley is our Chief Blogging Activist, Roger Saner is our uber-techie, and Graeme Codrington is the Chief Treasure Hunter and between us, we’ll get your company to extract all the possible value you can from corporate blogging. Details of the offering are available at

The Package

Very simply, will provide the following:

  • Name selection (important!), registration and setting up of your own blog site (this will be done in conjunction with your IT department, if necessary).
  • Setting up of the correct “skin” and the appropriate functionality for your blog.
  • Development of a blogging strategy and ROI analysis – don’t be fooled, you need to have a plan and a reason. What do you aim to achieve, and how will you measure it?
  • Training of your corporate bloggers. The technology is the easy part – its amazing how many companies just create a website, or a technology solution, but forget that its also about training the people who use it. Its more than functional training as well – its about culture, mindset, values and approach.
  • We will get your team up to speed on blogging etiquette, style and approach – all critical to having a successful blog – and we will assist you in ensuring this remains aligned to corporate culture.
  • We will train your team to be trainers of others in your company, so that you are not reliant on us.
  • We will assist you in creating links to other related blogs in your industry.
  • For a small monthly fee, we will become ongoing partners with you in managing the content on your blogsite – we will watch it on a daily basis, adding content and comment, and assisting you in keeping it on track. This will fade out in time, as you become more confident with your team’s ability to do this themselves.

Contact Barrie Bramley,, our Chief Blogging Officer for more details and pricing – click read more below for more info.

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