Vietnam GirlI hope these types of posts don’t bore you, but it constantly astounds me how America (or, to be more precise: the current American administration) can be so blind to the devastating long term effects of ignoring the emerging connection economy. In a world where the size of your army is no longer a guarantee of success, and the key to getting anything done is networking, connections and the human touch, its amazing that America continues to isolate itself and act as a law unto itself.
In The New Scientist, 19 March 2005, it was reported that America have gone back on a 2003 US-Vietnam agreement, whereby America would provide funding into the long-term health effects of “Agent Orange” (specifically dioxin TCDD) used during the Vietnam War to strip foliage. Vietnam has long claimed that this caused deformities in the children and grandchildren of those who were exposed to it during the war. The USA has consistently denied this possibility.
The research was necessary to support a class action suit against US suppliers of dioxin TCDD, including Monsanto (now famous for GM seeds) and Dow Chemicals. (The suit has since been dismissed because no link could be shown between the defendant’s herbicides and the plaintiff’s exposure to dioxin). Once again, America backs away from its international responsibilities, and shows itself to be an illegitimate partner in a connected world.
One day, this consistent lack of connection will come home to roost.

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