Bombing LondonIf this was really aimed at hurting the English for their involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, why did they target tubes and buses? The powerful and influential don’t use tubes. The ordinary citizen does. And the ordinary citizen is English, South African, Pakistani, Indian etc. If these were the same terrorists and motive than in 9/11, surely they should rather have targeted the Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street etc. Or is the security near these places too tight? I just wonder where political and religious fanaticism stops and where plain malice and cowardice starts. Still it is quite disconcerting how these terrorists break through the security barriers and let 7 (or were it 4) bombs explode in a few hours. Not one bomb that slips through the national defence and intelligence – 7! In one morning. If this is the new kind of warfare, how does one confront it? Seeing the G8 leaders standing behind Blair also symbolises to me that we are actually experiencing the 3rd world war ever since 9/11/2001. It is a war. And the whole world is involved – directly as nation states or indirectly as victims or terrorists,

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