There’s a fantastic, watch me say this really loud, CONVERSATION, happening at a blog entry a little further back (click here).
It got me thinking as I read through the conversation (there I did it again) that blogging is bringing that very human urge we all have, the need to contain, control and understand, to the surface. A quick scan of the conversation (yup) brings up the following words/phrases that lead me to my conclusion…
*can’t provide context
*overwhleming information
*work towards some “policies” for blogging
*blog properly
*find some way to slow down
*blog editor or editorial team
Why can’t we just let this go a little, leave it be? Why not let it get out of control a little? (if that can even be said, cos what does control look like?)
Quote of the blog written about at the top comes from lily (you biscuit) – “blogs are my link to sanity!” I’m with you.

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