Empty NestI had a conversation last night with my Irish brother in law who lives in the USA. We were chatting about the fact that my daughter will be moving to Thailand after her marriage here in SA next month. My son will be moving to London in January. His question was: Do I feel like I am experiencing empty nest syndrome or as his Irish mother calls it , EMPTY COUNTRY SYNDROME.
His Mom has seven children. Not one lives in Ireland. They are in fact on every continent spread all over the world and she spends her life travelling, greeting and waving goodbye to those who visit her. We tend to think that it is only South African parents that are expereincing this syndrome. Global travel and technology is making it so easy to move around. How will families of the future cope and what will happen to parents who have no children close by ? Will cousins get to know one another when they live all over the planet. I know that my sister and I make the effort due to distance. Will we try harder due to logistical challenges. Who will replace this group in our lives? Will friends become the new families of the future?
Maybe the new slogan for Baby Boomer parents will be : HAVE CHILDREN – WILL TRAVEL !!!!!!!!!!!

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