Pez collectionPat Misterovich is a stay-at-home Dad who uses his basement as a development lab. More and more people are doing this type of thing – they don’t need to be zillionaires, nor rich or famous. They just want to be able to pay off their homes, go on holiday once a year, feed their families and educate their children. In other words, they don’t have huge “global domination” visions. But they don’t want to work for anyone either.
In this new age of interconnectedness, and the power of inter-networking, these entrepreneurs now have more opportunity than ever before to do exactly that. Pat proves the point. He is trying to develop an MP3 player (yes, to take on the mighty iPod) – but his angle is one of design. His looks like a Pez dispenser (remember those goofy heads opening up and spitting out one sweet at a time?). His plan to have interchangeable designs. Its a passion, and its fun.
And it has a following, too. Over 1,500 people have already signed up for one via his website (probably more since he was featured in 30 May 2005 Fortune magazine), and are actually involved in development and instant feedback. How does he do it? Pat uses a blog to interact daily with his growing market network – see This solo entrepreneur might not keep Steve Jobs awake at night, but the connection economy is slowing developing momentum across every industry.

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