We, at TomorrowToday.biz like to call it “The Connection Economy”. Others refer to it as the experience economy or the relationship economy or the dream society. Read a great blog about our move to experiences at Creating Passionate Users.
It starts like this: “In the 20th century, we transitioned from an industrial economy to an information economy. Now, in the early part of the 21st century, we are transitioning again – this time into an experience economy. Experience is driven by information, but pure information is no longer good enough – now we need something interesting to happen with all that information.”
In a world where you and your competitors are selling the same stuff to the same people at the same price, distributing through the same channels and advertising in the same media, and even swapping staff every few years, why should anyone buy from you? Why should anyone work for you? Less and less, its about WHAT you sell, and more and more its about WHO you are and HOW you sell. The latter of these is the “experience” economy. But the combination is the “connection” you create. Its you and me. And its its as much about “and” as it is about “you” and “me”. This applies to every company in every industry around the world.

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