Bionic BrainThe New Scientist of 28 May 2005, lists 11 ways in which you can boost brain performance and/or slow the effects of ageing on your grey matter. See the full story here. In short, they are:

  • Smart drugs – drugs that increase awareness, decrease need for sleep, etc
  • Food for thought – certain food types stimulate alertness, especially by releasing certain vitamins and compounds
  • The Mozart Effect – maybe the most controversial, but certain music enahcnes brain activity in vital cortexes of the brain
  • Bionic Brains – implants ahead
  • Gainful employment – use it, or lose it – we’re beginning to understand that the brain has RAM, too
  • Memory marvels – using memory techniques – not just for super IQ’s
  • Sleep on it – allowing your brain a chance to organise, file and process can lead to great results
  • Body and mind – get your body in shape, it is your brain’s home
  • Nuns on a run – researching the unnatural longevity and alertness of the School Sisters of Notre Dame on Good Counsel Hill
  • Attention seeking – focus is critical
  • Positive feedback – just tell your brain its great, and it will be
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