Bubble gumEngine oilI attended a conference this past week. I had time to observe the action around me. The conference was aimed mainly at the male audience as it was a national petroleum conference.Many of the products were being marketed in a similar manner. Given away by girls in skimpy outfits. Was there a lot of attention and interest in the product? Well I did observe much attention? Will you pick up that same product when you are in store?……. Is this kind of marketing still relevant for the future?……

Marketing is explained in business school text books about meeting needs and wants. In” Marketing for Dummies” it states that we need to think of creative ways to rethink the underlying needs that a product addresses.Have most products on shelf been reduced to this level and as” SEX “is the underlying need it is used to sell the most amazing range of products.
This made me wonder if in a Connection Economy ,where it will matter more about who you are than what you sell, this will change at all? My thoughts were that this was a complete waste of budget and that it is in fact to entertain and selling more of that product is far from the mind of the person in charge of the campaign. If I was in charge of this campaign what would I have done instead?
This company claims to want to make a difference in their communities in the future. Maybe marketing this kind of campaign will be more appropiate for the future? We all have a human need within us to make a difference. So can marketers of the future use this ? Absolutely. We are already starting to see the adverts and articles that tug at heart strings and bring deep emotion to the surface?
I would love the comments about my thoughts? Would a male in a connection economy disagree with me? Will reputation of your organisation and what you stand for be well communicated with what I observed this week?

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