Roman Abramovich and Malcolm Glazer.
Chelsea v Man UTwo very different men who are transforming the face of British football – with an impact across the globe.
Abramovich is on the Forbes list as the 127th richest man in the world. He has a fortune in excess of $5 billion due to his oil export deals made since the 1990s and his 1995 acquisition of Sibneft and the ORT TV network. In addition, he owns half of the largest Russian aluminium company and has investments in Millhouse Capital.
Abramovich owns Chelsea FC
Glazer is a 76-year old US sports tycoon. Working through his company Red Football Ltd, he has bought out Manchester United, transferring his debt onto the club. This has cost him/Man Utd in excess of $1.47 billion.
OK, maybe its just a story of two boys who can both afford extraordinarily large toys…

…but what is most interesting, of course, is what (seemingly) has motivated them to buy these two successful UK clubs:
Ambramovich is driven by a Passion for the Product and the People
Glazer is driven by a Passion for the Profit
scuffleThe ramifications on both clubs has been immense. Chelsea (and Chelsea fans like me) have a restored sense of pride, enjoyment in the sport, excitment about what is happening and, most importantly, hope for the future. Manchester United fans, in the UK at least, are angry, feeling betrayed, fearful and anxious for the future.
Perhaps Abramovich and Glazer represent the typology of paradox that faces us in the emerging Connection Economy:
Management motivated by Passion for People and Product will create in their Companies a sense of stability, peace, excitement, ownership and hope amongst its workforce.
Management motivated purely by Passion for Profit will create in their Companies a sense of instability, anxiety, depression and hopelessness amongst its workforce.
We may not enjoy the financial fortunes of Abramovich and Glazer. But we all have a choice as to how we run our Companies. We all have a choice as to what motivates us. Of course Abramovich want to be rich, rich, rich – but there seems to be more depth to the way he plays the game and more satisfaction for Company, team and fans alike.
Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

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