There has recently been so much blogging about ‘virtual officing’ and about our connectedness that I just felt compelled to write this.
Imagine my surprise. Driving down William Nicol on Sunday on my way back from church, I see these reappearing ‘adobt-a-pole-posters’ on behalf of a leading IT company to advertise their new Virtual office product.
Virtual OfficeVery interesting, I think, and decide to go into their website and read up a bit more.
Hmmm, quite a few benefits listed, travel less, increase productivity, reduce costs, etc etc.
So, what’s new?? These were exactly the benefits they experienced while employing a full time pioneer who was busy successfully proving that their products actually worked virtually and that their corporate message was in practice. Oh, I forgot to mention, from whom they then revoked this privilege – if one can call it that at all.
I continue to read. There is an article on seven ways to help make a Virtual Office work.
Check, check, check…
Here’s an interesting one: “And train yourself to trust”. Was this not in essence the issue, the lack of trust? Definitely not in the pioneer but in their own systems & management styles.
As I continue to read once more, the answer strikes out at me. Definitely a new way of looking at trust. Can one really talk about trust if you feel compelled to “stay on their backs because you rarely seem them”.
Virtual Office success cannot be measured in terms of ‘micro management’ and its success – this is part of the old school. OUTPUT becomes the measure.
It’s as easy as that, PERFORMANCE!!!

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