It’s funny how something that goes wrong, actually gives a company an opportunity to score massive brownie points – depending on how they handle it. I had such an experience with Kulula and afterwards went to their website and posted a comment. This is my comment to them and their subsequent response can be found here (word document).
Kulula planeThe Monday 9 May 11:20 flight from CT to JHB couldn’t take off because of engine problems. I was in a terrible hurry as I had to do a critical presenation in Pretoria at 15:00. Firstly I want to commend the frankness with which the captain explained the situation to the already-seated passengers. Your values: “safety first” and “honesty” were certainly visible. Secondly, to the Kulula ground crew on CT International a warm thanks with your assistance and help to get me on a one-time flight. I was there with my wife and baby and they made it real easy. To err is normal, but the way in which you handle the subsequent crisis is what distinguishes one.
Go Kulula, go!

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