In an information-overloaded society who cares who blogs and why? Note that is a question and not a statement. But could it be that when one has 109 books on the ‘waiting to be read’ shelf, a pile of journals, magazines and clippings a couple of zillion meters high (Ok that’s an exaggeration but the book number isn’t)…and this is just the print media…that blogging becomes an irratating addition to an already irritating overload? Or…

is it that the reasons giving for why one should blog are valid? Has blogging replaced conversation and if so what could be the outcomes? Is blogging the ‘new’ conversation? What to do with blogs and does anyone really care? Is blogging essential for networking in a networked world? Is blogging not just some sort of Gen X theraphy release? Is force-fed blogging any different from the Boomer force-fed teambuild? and why should one blog when connecting with the bloggers is not on the agenda?
Lots of questions for and against. Let’s see who now says what or is this just a mindless rant of no consequence?

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