It is our contention that the emerging era (we call it the “connection economy”) is forcing companies to make a massive shift from “what” they sell to “how” they sell and “who” they are as the primary competitve advantages. This means that companies must take public perception of them very seriously. This is where blogging becomes the “next big thing” – another tech weapon in the transparency war.
Disturbingly, many of the issues that companies now have to contend with have a religious underpinning. Especially in America, evangelical Christians, with their schizophrenic love of personal armament, hatred of abortion, support of the death penalty and abhorrence of euthenasia, are becoming more and more active in their activism.
Check out this article in BusinessWeek, where Microsoft flip-flopped on supporting/not supporting the civil rights of gay marriages.
Culture Wars Hit Corporate America: Increasingly, business must weigh in on hot social issues — and suffer interest groups’ slings and arrows

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