No spamA while ago one of our Blogs featured a thought on whether Mobile Phones would get more complex or more simple? What can possibly be added, or what should rather be taken away? That debate aside, it’s time we had a mechanism that allowed us to filter out Spam. If sms spam hasn’t hit your phone yet, it’s going to. Soon!
I get 2 or 3 a day. One, sometimes two from some fool asking if I’d like to be his and sometimes her friend? No! And then every now and then South Africa’s green airline sends me a special. Last week they sent one, and got their own name wrong in the spelling. Duh!
SpamAnd then of course there’s the sms spam that hacks me off the most, from my own Mobile Phone Provider, Auto Page Cellular (Click here if you really want to see them). You’d think they’d get it more than anyone else? That sms is still sacred and shouldn’t be exploited just yet for spam. Well not unless you want to hack off your clients. Well done on that front. You’ve succeeded completely.
Or maybe they just figure it’s going to happen sooner than later, so they’ll be the first in? Good luck. You want my opinion….. this is one area you don’t want to be rushing to be first in.

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