If you’re looking for trends, here’s one you can’t afford to ignore.
‘remember ME’ is the cry of todays younger generations (It is most often used by webpage designers as a checkbox when entering your details on their site – it means you don’t have to enter them again next time you come to their website). Not because they’re desperate to be remembered for their mark on the world, or even because significance is an important value. They want you to remember them for a far more pragmatic reason… because you can, and therefore why shouldn’t you?

remember – from a technology point of view, memory is cheap. Hard Drive space is cheaper than it’s ever been. To have 500 gigabytes of Hard Drive costs what I paid for just 800mb in my first computer. So space to remember is something that you’re expected to have.
ME – mass individualisation has become a norm. Hundreds of millions of cell phones covered by just a few models, but I dare you to find me two that are the same. You can’t. They have unique combinations of ring tones, wall paper, software, profiles, etc, etc. We’ve moved beyond appealing to the masses, to appealing on mass to the individuals, and it’s giving marketers a giant headache. ME is important. ME is critical. See ME. ME is unique. ME is different from all the other ME’s that are out there.
So why can’t I walk into a store and be told what I purchased yesterday, or last week, or last month? Why should I have to keep an old paint lid, when you can remember ME and tell me what paint I use? Why do I have to remember the brand of tomato sauce I use, when you can remember ME and tell me which brand I use?
Don’t think me absurd for suggesting this. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re quite capable of remembering your tomato sauce. Because you’re already participating in this world. I bet you don’t know half as many phone numbers as you used to? You have a mobile phone that remembers ME. I even watched a friend driving with his GPS in his own suburb and follow the commands being read out, when it was quite obvious that he knew exactly where to go.
remember ME is not about ‘fat minds’. No, it’s about freeing up my mind to do other things. And anyway why should I remember, when you can quite easily remember ME?

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