Yesterday I flew down to Cape Town. I fly on a variety of airlines. It depends on time and price. These are my variables and I do all my own bookings online.
The delight about yesterday’s trip was the attitude and friendly manner of the team. We are all tired of the same sick jokes on some airlines and would rather they kept quiet or found some new lines.!!
The first thing that happened was the captain mentioned that the crew had heard about a birthday of one of the passengers and wished this person by name from us all.
The little girl sitting next to me was delighted and clapped. I noticed that all the children were given a great bag of goodies as they walked on board.
1Time logoAbout 90 minues into the flight the captain asked us to guess the combined age of the crew and the winner would sit in the cockpit for the landing.
This was all great relationship building. We were also asked to fill in a survey to improve our future trips with this airline.
Well Done to the BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS on this crew. Combined age of all 6 members …. 155 .. average……25.83
Well done to 1 Time. Even though we left Johannesburg late you made up for it by building great relationships.

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