The UK has just completed another general election. Not all of the results are in, but the initial estimate of how many people actually voted looks much the same as in every democracy around the world where voting is not compulsory. It’s not unusual to see figures of less than 50% of eligible voters actually turning up at the polls. This is of course, the scourge of democracy. Governments around the world need to become more creative about getting people to actually vote.
Here’s one suggestion.

Run a national lottery, where the document that proves you voted becomes your ticket, complete with a unique number. Prizes could range from a single winner of a few million, all the way down to a few thousand for runners-up. The prize money could be funded out of government coffers, all private corporates or individuals could endow the system, or even use it as a marketing opportunity.
The benefits of getting people involved in the democratic process far outweigh the small costs that would be involved in getting the system up and running. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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