Mr RounderIn BusinessWeek on 28 March, 2005, they profiled the Digital Hospital. This is a real, working existing hospital that has just made excellent use of existing technologies. You can see a slide show, which gives you a brief overview of what they have done. It ranges from wireless keyboard Internet surfing in patient’s beds, to remote surgery, from wireless laptops for every nurse to enter patient info at the bedside (and doctor’s to check remotely immediately) to a robot (Mr Rounder) used to do rounds and providing video conference links to actual doctors, from scanned in X-rays available for instant download anywhere to PDAs for all the doctors.
To be honest, it isn’t rocket science, nor is it impressive to your average 20 year old techie. What is impressive is that a large organisation has actually gone and done it. More will follow soon. Aren’t you tired of knowing what CAN be done by technology, and yet not seeing it at banks, schools, hospitals, grocery stores, gas stations, … – actually not really seeing it anywhere?
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